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We celebrated 8 years of business this March 2017!

We are proud to have been helping families find the best senior living option for their loved ones. Over the last 8 years, we have refined our dedication to serving the community, viewing every new client as a family we can serve and help find the best option for them.

We have been able to develop a strong network of contacts to make sure we are able to provide the BEST service to those in need of senior placement.

We would like to thank our clients and network members for helping us achieve excellence for 8 years. We look forward to many more years serving families in Michigan.

See what one client had to say about Michigan Senior Resources:

“Loyce worked tirelessly to help find an assisted living home for my elderly mother with dementia. We had many criteria, but she was always responsive and patient with us.

I can’t thank Loyce enough for her assistance. I highly recommend their services.” – Collen O.


Our Elderly  Parents have lots of different issues that need looking at when deciding what is best for their personal care, on going care, safety, personal

hygiene and day-to-day living. Finding out what is best for Elder Parents takes time, love , patience, asking questions and understanding.

To find out what is best for your loved ones, you need to look at the person, and their personal health. Here is a list of 6 questions to ask about elder parents needs to aid:

1. Are they able to walk, move, talk, eat and look after themselves with day-to-day living?

2. Do each parent need the same level of care? If so can care be carried out by one person?

3. Can the aging parent stay in their own home? Or do they need a Memory Care or Assisted Living Home

4. Is one parent needing high care and the other parent only needs low care?

5. If the Elderly parent needs 24 hour around the clock care, is there a family member that can give the care?

6. What will happen to the Elderly Parent if their caregiver is no longer able to care for them anymore?

If you find that you can answer the questions about what your aging parents need and then search for a way to assist them.

MI Senior Resources can help you with making the right care decisions.  Call 734 765 5312



Having a parent or loved on with memory problems is very frustrating for the family and the person with the memory problem.  You are not sure what it is, but something isn’t right. You may be noticing changes you have never seen in them before. That person may be repeating or forgetting things, experiencing uncharacteristic mood swings or having trouble performing everyday tasks.

You may be concerned about your loved one that could be suffering from Alzheimer’s disease but are worried about how to approach them about this delicate situation. It is important to remember that they may have noticed these changes themselves and could be frightened or in denial about what they’re experiencing.

Many people find it difficult to start a conversation about an illness for a variety of reasons. If you are concerned that someone you know may have Alzheimer’s disease it is important to seek medical advice from a Certified Elder Care Doctor as soon as possible. If Alzheimer’s disease is diagnosed early enough there are things that can be done to help people prepare for the future by managing the disease early on.

There are many different kinds of Senior Housing options available in Michigan. You’ll want to look for Memory Care Homes, which are available for people that may wander or have behaviors associated with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.  They offer the same care and services as an assisted living home but are secure and safe to prevent wandering. Some are more affordable than others.


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